GUEST BLOG… Bath, my second home

pxoppyHello sweet peas! One of the perks about going to university is living somewhere new. I’m not the type to get seriously homesick and I like having my independence so university seemed perfect for me. My second home is here in Bath, in the South West of England. Since I’ve been living here for roughly eight months I thought I’d share with you the wonders of this famous city!

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DAISY’S DIARY #8… home for the holidays

How is everyone? (Special welcome to my new followers – I’ve gained quite a few of you since my last diary entry! Hope you enjoy Miss Tutored.!) Are you all on your Easter break now? I am – and it’s really nice!

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the TOP 5 ways to TAKE A BREAK when uni work is destroying your soul

You know how it is. You have a big deadline or even a dissertation to do, and it just takes over your whole life. But you don’t have to let that happen this Easter break… Here’s how to take some time off – and make the most of it!

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GUEST BLOG… college dropout

carltonkneMost people don’t aim to put themselves into a position that evokes the feeling of regret. Nobody really wants to move forward thinking ‘what if’. Nobody is really keen on the idea that in some other lifetime they might have won the Nobel Peace Prize.

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fancy being a GUEST BLOGGER?

Hello, lovely people who follow Miss Tutored. – and lovely people who don’t! I follow some awesome bloggers, and some awesome bloggers follow me. So we should share the blogging love! If anyone wants to be a guest blogger for Miss Tutored., or wants someone to write them a guest article and thinks I could manage it, please comment! This could be fun!

DAISY’S DIARY #7… bring on easter

Are you all holding up alright? I think I officially reached that point in the semester – you know, the point when there’s so much work to do and you’d rather bury yourself under your duvet than get up and face it – but now I’m definitely ready for the Easter break!

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